Our Services

FootprintsRE Platform accelerates the Real Estate Agents production.

From start to finish, the FootprintsRE Platform connects agents to a community of real estate professionals, buyers, and sellers, and provides them with tools to accomplish work in the most efficient manner possible. No more managing distressed and traditional properties through different processes and separate systems. Instead, everything is available at your fingertips in one centralized location.

Agent Profile

Sellers know that their productivity is greatly impacted by an agent's qualifications, abilities and efficiency. To quickly showcase their skills, FootprintsRE agents have the ability to upload their photo, resume, certifications, awards, and recommendations to highlight their skills. This enables them to stand out among their peers in the areas they service.

Access to Short Sale Portal

FootprintsRE creates short sale opportunities by linking agents to mortgage servicers and homeowners. We allow agents to instantaneously receive and transmit secure communications, tasks, documents, and reports with servicers and homeowners.

Connect To Diverse Inventory

The FootprintsRE buyer portal was designed to empower the Buyer, to simplify the connection to the Seller's asset. Potential Buyers may submit purchase inquiries and showing requests directly to our agents after first being prescreened to determine whether the inquiry is from a private buyer or licensed agent.


$100 for ebook and certification quiz. $200 for assignment fee.